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Too good to be true! Is this the best music site for Artists?

Music licensing has always been a nightmare for independent creative artists including myself. Not only the extreme prices where you could end up paying thousands of dollars deepening on the license type, but also the whole limitations that come with the license. Now there is a site called ArtList which has a still small but nice collection of music for your work at a incredibly affordable price.

I could not believe it, but it's true! However, I kept being skeptical as it simply seems too nice to be true. So I took a closer look at the license agreement.

Now I am not familiar with those legal terms, so I advice you to do your own research.

In the FAQ, it says you can use the music forever.

But then on the License use agreement, I found this paragraph which I don't quite understand. It read like it the license is only valid as long as you are subscribing.

Now if that's the case ( and I would like to doubt that) it is actually quite dangerous as it is quite tempting to use a lot of content for your YouTube videos. Then someday, if the license really expires, you would have to take down all videos. If you understand all of these terms, please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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